What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

It happened again. That feeling I’m sure everyone has experienced at least once. It’s as if you’re stuck, you don’t know what to do to push your dreams forward.

You want to do something but it is easier to browse social media, watch another Youtube video, pick up your phone or read that book you’ve been meaning to get to.

Pretty much, finding anything other than facing your false fears and move forward.

It happens to me every so often. The week could be unfolding well or I could have just had an exceptional workshop only to wake up the next day and feel stuck.

Asking myself, “What should I do??? What’s next??? Is this really the best use of my time??? HELP…..”

There is one thing I ask myself when this occurs in my work life.

Faith or fear?

Faith or Fear?

We are always being pulled or pushed by something. For some, they are being pulled by their dreams, their why, or their goals.

Others are being pushed by fear into small comfort zones that feel good for the short term but ultimately end up suffocating their dreams.

Now, there are some who have faith in their fears more than they have faith in themselves.

What it comes down to is an inner awareness as to what you are giving your power to.

What have you been feeding throughout this day, this week, or this year?

Have you been fueling your faith or bowing to your fears?

These are essential questions to help you figure out what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Below are a few others things that can help you get unstuck. 

3 Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

1 – Take A Timeout – Take some time to refocus your energy. During this timeout try and recognize where you have been directing your attention, your time and your focus. When taking this moment of alone time, ask yourself this simple question,

What can I move toward that will help me get the most out of today?

You don’t need to know the how just need an idea as to what direction you’d like to go.

2 – Create A Plan – Now that you know what you’d like to move toward, what is one thing you can do to get the ball moving forward? Is it making a call, sending an email, finishing your project, beginning to write the next page of your book, forgiving someone, or acquiring a few more skills?

Imagine that your life is a large staircase, instead of standing on the same stair, stuck, scared and confused, take one simple step to help you move higher.

3 – The Inner Game – This is the real work. We can always add new behaviors to help us get unstuck in the physical world but real “stuckness” comes from our mind. It is essential to get our minds in proper alignment. The way to do this is to begin to shift our attitude toward the opportunities that await us. To shift our perspective to see the positive side of things. To shift our beliefs from the obstacles in front of us to the power within us.

When your inner game is in a state of empowerment, you move with more ease and are willing to stay the course toward your dreams even when the terrain becomes difficult.

The Next Step

Don’t stop now. Keep going. This question could help you do just that….

What is one step you could take today that will make the steps of tomorrow easier?

Do that now…





Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life


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