Values, Spirituality, and the State of the World


I always enjoy spending time writing or browsing in local libraries. Just the other day, I went to a new library and recognized a pattern that happens in each library I go to.

Mysteriously, I end up migrating to the spiritual/religious section of the building.

Sure, I enjoy reading about business, self-help, and history but without fail, the spiritual section is my jam…

So at this new library, I eventually found myself in this section. I looked around and had an interesting thought being surrounded by Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, New Thought, and a variety of other thick “spiritual” books.

The thought was this…

Here are the world’s largest religions:

  1. Christianity – Over 2 billion people
  2.  Islam – Over 1.5 billion people
  3. Hinduism – Over 900 million people
  4. Buddhism – Over 370 million people
  5. Sikhism – Over 23 million people

This is nearly 5 billion people.

5 billion people who may have read a scripture that said to love your neighbor, a passage to honor the Creator, to live with compassion, to help alleviate suffering or to live as if one’s life is holy.

From my perspective, there are incredible insights from every spiritual path, but I have one question…

Do those of us who subscribe to a religious path value religious values more than country values?

If so, why does it seem like the vast majority of people don’t love their neighbors? Not just their neighbors in their neighborhood but their neighbors in other countries?

If one truly did honor the Creator, would not one take exceptional care of the Earth since this planet is also a creation of the Creator? This means not polluting rivers, oceans, lakes, and land in the pursuit of profit?

If we lived with compassion wouldn’t we ensure that every human being had clean water, food, education, medical access, and shelter? Would we throw away food and flush clean water knowing that someone just across a border has no food or water?

If we cared about alleviating the suffering of others, would we put ourselves in situations and mental cages that create more suffering for ourselves? Would people sit quietly when bombs are being dropped, villages are being destroyed, companies exploit the underprivileged or government officials act as if one countries interest is greater than another?

Finally, if we believed we are children of God, “holy” so-to-say, would we not see the holiness of every person we pass regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, or language?

What About You?

How does your spiritual path impact and influence the world?

Too often, we fall into habitual motions, forgetting what the sacred seeds of our path actually are.

I challenge you to look at the universal principles of your faith and bring them out into the world this day.

One Thing You Can Do

  • See your connection with everyone
  • Breakdown barriers that cause separation
  • Challenge your unconscious biases
  • Know that the way isn’t found in a book but found in how you choose to live

Be the greatest you.

Thank you.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect.

Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life

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