How To Use Your Energy To Get Maximum Results

Your Energy Is Under Your Control

Just the other night, I woke up at about 3 am and had this thought. The idea isn’t anything new but has the ability to make this year exceptional.


Each morning we wake up, we have a full tank of energy. This energy is available regardless of how long you slept, what you ate, or how you feel.

Now obviously, some days you may be a little slower, sicker, or tired than others, but this doesn’t negate the energy that greets you with the day.

Imagine this energy flowing forth from the Universe each morning and filling you up.

(Please note, you can say, God, Light, the Divine, the Infinite, or Higher Power in place of Universe)

You can spend this energy any way you choose.

Laying in bed, just before you get up, you have 100% energy in your tank. But not for long.

From the moment you get out of bed and go through your day, you use this energy. This energy isn’t solely used for physical activities but is used when you focus on something, when you dwell on emotions or feelings, and when you think.

This kind of emotional energy usage can prove to be the most draining.

Usage of Energy

So as you move through your day, checking your phone, talking with people, driving, working, thinking, reflecting, planning, eating, or even sitting, you are consuming this 100% energy you began the day with.

The empowering thing is that how you use this energy is 100% in your control.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we shoot our energy in so many directions we haven’t focused it in on one specific outcome.

This often means that people return home at night with little energy left to do much of anything but watch tv.

Dreams are put on the back burner, book ideas are locked away, as scrolling and clicking remotes become a way to conserve the little energy we have left.

Using Your Energy Wisely

I challenge you to reflect upon your day and try to identify all the different ways you spent your energy today.

What feelings, thoughts, emotions, actions, conversations, and activities drained your tank?

What feelings, thoughts, emotions, actions, conversations, and activities used your energy in a productive and promising way?

The Time Is Now

There is no better time than now to take control of your energy and maximize it each day to the attainment of your highest and best.

Unused or wasted energy does little for us or the planet.

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Focused, deliberate and intentional use of energy can be the key that can unlock your seeds of greatness.

How will you use your energy for the rest of the day?

3 Key Ways To Maximize Your Energy

1 – Be Aware – Be aware of the actions, thoughts, and emotions you feed throughout the day. If it doesn’t serve you in the best way possible, release it and bring something more positive into your consciousness.

2 – Focus – Do your best not to shoot your energy in 1,000 different directions. Lack of focus makes us great at nothing. Extreme focus on specific things can make us masters.

3 – Co-Creation – Remember, you are using this energy each day to assist in the co-creation of your life. It is you who has control over your energy and can use it any way you choose. Be willing to use your energy in the most powerful and prosperous way possible.

Be great. 

For it is Greatness that fills you with energy each day.






Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life

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