3 Key Ways To Expand Your Perspective and Transform The Peephole Called Reality

Transform The Peephole Called Reality

I see the world through a small peephole called my perspective.

Looking out at my environment through this peephole, I give meaning to everything I see.

Those things that lie outside of this peephole are either unimportant to me, I am unaware of them, or they don’t have any meaning for me at that time.

This perspective of mine is extremely limiting. I squeeze the vast environment down in size to fit and make sense in my tiny outlook.

This is not only true for me but may be true for you.

Are you aware of the peephole you see the world through?

I recently had a speaking engagement with the North Dakota National Guard. This peephole that I view my life was forced to expand.

This process was transformational.

Unity Amongst Humans

Since I was a teenager (maybe before), I never agreed with war. I didn’t like my cousin signing up for the Navy, didn’t like people that I knew going into the Army and being sent to kill people on the other side of the world.

As I grew into adulthood, I didn’t like how much money the big business war machines made from the destruction and killing of others.

It troubled me to see soldiers come back from war with more problems than they left with due to the fighting and conditions they were assigned to.

So when an event with the National Guard came up, I was grateful to bring my message to families who lost a loved one through war, suicide, or other means.

There was one thing I didn’t expect. That was the impact that these families and military officials would have on me.

What I Learned

I realized something very important. The peephole that I see my life through isn’t any more valuable than the peephole another sees their life through.

If I am willing to let my vision expand past my limited viewpoint, I can see a whole new world.

The most valuable insight gained was understanding at a very deep level how similar we are as humans.

Regardless of someone’s beliefs, regardless of what I choose to see through my small peephole, I can connect to what I call the ‘realness’ of another person.

This is the part of them that cannot be seen with the physical eye.

This is the part of them that beats their heart, the part of them that breathes their breath, the part of them that makes them love, the part of them that was with them before they were born.

It is my belief that if we are willing to connect to this within others, we will then discover the power that is required to eliminate war and produce peace.

3 Key Ways To Expand Your Perspective and Transform The Peephole Called Reality

1 – Don’t Believe Everything You See – Your perspective gives meaning to the things that you see. Habitual patterns of your conscious mind make everything fit into what you already think you believe. It takes courage and a willingness to admit that your way may not be the only way. As you do this you begin to see new ideas that were just outside the peephole of your reality.

2 – Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – Your mind gives meaning to the sounds that you capture. You believe certain opinions and comments more than others because they align with your internal belief system. When you realize that you do not need to believe everything you hear, you remember you give meaning to every sound your ears take in.

3 – Don’t Believe Everything Your Mind Tells You – While we often talk about living on planet earth and existing in the world, the place we actually reside is our conscious mind. We’ve created the conditions of our mind throughout our life. We’ve determined what is true, what is right, what is evil and what is wrong. Great power comes to the individual who remembers while they use their mind to create their reality they are not at the mercy of this mind. You and I are the energy and power which empowers this mind to exist. From this awareness comes true freedom.

This Week

Expand the peephole that you view your world through. Challenge your own beliefs whether it be about governments, wars, the economy, religion, race or spirituality.

As Albert Einstein said, “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

Let’s expand my friend.

Peace. Happiness. Compassion. Respect

Jeffon Seely


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