Over the past 3 years of running the Three Key Life blog, my passions slowly formed into professional services that I offer. These services allow me to reach people across the globe and assist them as they soar into new levels of life.

Below, I have shared the 3 services that I currently offer.

If you have any questions or would like to work with me to maximize your personal or professional life send a quick message and our team will respond immediately.


Phone: (206) 384-0274

Transformational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator


Building a bridge of communication in businesses and corporations. Helping owners, executives, managers, and employees understand and embrace the power of mindfulness in achieving their business objectives and motivating sales teams to reach their goals.

Inspiring students at the high school and college level to step away from fears, worries, and doubts, propelling them from ordinary to extraordinary.

Empowering nonprofits to expand their reach and working with communities of faith to maximize their impact. Motivating organizations to share the seeds of greatness that lie at the root of their purpose and mission.

In addition to inspiring speeches, workshops and seminars are offered on subjects like:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Goals and Vision
  • Engagement and Impact
  • Unlocking Seeds of Greatness
  • Creating Leaders of the 21st Century
  • The Power of the Millennials

Speaking at hundreds of events and venues, I am grateful to share my message at conferences, businesses, sales meetings, boardrooms, and assemblies across the country.

If I can serve your organization with an inspiring and transformative message or workshop, feel free to email or call or more information.


Phone: (206) 384-0274

You Can See Some of My Videos Here 

1-on-1 Coaching and Inner Peace Specialist

Inner Peace

I help driven individuals improve their self-image, unlock their potential, strengthen the connection to their greatest talents and abilities while enhancing the overall quality of their life, ultimately empowering them to excel both personally and professionally.

As an Inner Peace Specialist, I find great joy in empowering others to free themselves from the burdens, stresses and frustrations of everyday life. This inner clarity will provide you with a strong foundation for which you can build your dreams, goals and aspirations upon.

1-on-1 coaching provides each individual with focused attention to push beyond the barriers of limitation that prevents them from reaching new levels of life.

What is keeping you stuck?

What thoughts are stealing joy from your daily life?

How would the various areas of your life change for the better if you were able to find a state of peace, clarity, purpose and confidence inside of you?

Imagine how your relationships, work life, personal life, creativity, and overall well-being would transform by finding new ways for peace, gratitude, and power flow into your experience.

If you are an inspired individual who is looking to take life to a higher level, I’d love to talk to you.

Call or email to apply and inquire more information.


Phone: (206) 384-0274

Business and Mindfulness Consultant

Mindfulness Master

From multi-million dollar companies, small businesses, sales teams and solo-preneurs, there are formulas that can be embraced and applied to your situation to reach new levels of achievement.

My formula is Mindfulness.

Unfortunately, most have a mind full of mess.

How I Use Mindfulness In My Consulting Practice:

  • I use mindfulness to empower businesses to cultivate greater communication lines and maneuver the generational divide.
  • I use mindfulness to help companies evaluate the sinkholes seeping profit from their bottom line through financial analysis and mindfulness marketing efforts.
  • I use mindfulness as a tool to inspire sales professionals and entrepreneurs to soar past their goals and reach new milestones through accountability, responsibility, and commitment.

Whether you’re an executive of a large corporation, owner of a small business, manager of a sales team, an established entrepreneur, launching out on your path as a solo-preneur, or an inspired individual looking to build your own business, my mindfulness approach will help. 

With mindfulness and a willingness to grow despite what the external world brings your way, there are few things that can prevent you or your organization from reaching the goals you are aiming for.

To learn more about my Mindfulness Business Consulting, please email or call.


Phone: (206) 384-0274