Scottish African American?

African, European, American, Polynesian, Brazilian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Russian, Canadian, Spanish.

The list goes on.

All of us so unique, individually motivated, imaginative, and creative.

Yet so similar.

Being born of a Scottish mother and an African American father, I sometimes wonder if I can be me without the “nationality.”

My answer is yes.

What I discovered was a wellspring of wisdom.

The Discovery

True, my mother was born in Scotland, adopted by my grandparents and brought to Salt Lake City, Utah.

True, my father was born in Los Angeles, California, from an African descent stripped of their culture.

I am from them.

So that would make me a Scottish African American.

But why?

I believe I am something much more.

I believe we are all much more.

Follow my thoughts.

This planet sits peacefully in an abundant solar system, which expands into the infinite depths of the universe.

Think about it, Life is everywhere, even in those spaces where we see empty space.

Upon this planet Earth, I was born.

You were born.

We were born.

The entire universe, all of Life, goes into birthing us, providing us with breath, with our days, with our lives.

Even now, in this breath we breathe, we inhale and exhale the entire universe.

So here we are, here I am, Life breathing through us.

This is where I found the wellspring of wisdom.

If I am Life, then you too are Life.

I am not a Scottish African American and you German, English, or Spanish.

I am Life and You are Life.

We are here together, living.

As I dropped this association of the specific region that “I am from,” I then realized that my true family is the Human Race.

Making you my brother and my sister.

Which means love, unity, and Oneness.

I don’t want the “country or state” I live in to be any greater than the “country or state” you live in, because the Earth is our state and country.

If this doesn’t make sense or you’re thinking, “what the hell is Jeffon talking about,” try these three things throughout your day:

1. Look past the color of skin in all people today and show the truest compassion for someone of the “opposite race or who appears to be different from you.” Honor the Life in them, it is the same Life that caused you to arise this morning.

2. See EVERYONE as your brother or sister in mind, in heart, and in spirit. We are all born upon Mother Earth, we are all gifts of the Infinite Universe.

3. Go to a side of town you don’t go to, spark conversations, and be the light. Empower the people, specifically the children in the areas you would typically avoid. You never know if you’re the person they’ve been waiting for to inspire them to live greater.

Try this practice and let me know what you uncover in yourself.

I’d like to learn from you:

What kind of ways do you empower others?

Leave your comments below.

Circle of Life

We are all connected,
as you thrive, I thrive,
and as I thrive,
you do too.

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Please remember that you are valuable and unique.

Honor the seeds of greatness within and let’s grow together.





Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life


Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yewenyi/116239915  via http://photopin.com http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0

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