Racism in America.. How to Heal It

Racism in America

What causes humans to hate other humans?

What causes some humans to respect one group of humans and wish the worst for another?

What has caused us to forget that regardless of our skin color, religion, upbringing or where we reside, that we are all part of the human family?

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah as a human being who was half black and half white, I noticed some upsetting things. Being one of the only kids with some color in my community, I realized at a young age that I was “different.”

Now, this is nothing like the racism or discrimination that my grandparents who are African American and grew up in Mississippi and Arkansas experienced. I didn’t get rocks thrown at me, shot at, didn’t see any lynchings, and wasn’t forced to go to a segregated school.

The racism and discrimination I’ve experienced throughout my life’s much more subtle and passive. It exists in the way that people interact with me, the words they choose to say or not say, dirty looks and acting as if they are superior.

This isn’t a complaining session, just an honest observation about what I’ve noticed during my time in America.

From Salt Lake To Atlanta

Going from Salt Lake, where I was one of the few minorities to Atlanta, where I was a part of a much larger group of African Americans, I recognized something totally different.

I noticed how my lighter skin attracted a different response from people when I was with my friends who were a bit darker. This was a complete change from Salt Lake.

In addition to these different responses from others, I noticed that I had to check some of the negative judgments I cast upon people. This included people from all backgrounds.

What I’ve realized is to heal racism and discrimination, we have to really look at what is happening within ourselves.

We have to check our unconscious biases and choose to be a compassionate and peaceful force in our world.

We can no longer accept some and ignore others. We can no longer act as if discrimination and racism don’t exist and instead, start pinpointing the areas they reside in ourselves.

We must be the change

Here’s how:

A World That Works For Everyone

In order to get rid of racism in America, we must be honest with ourselves. In order to heal discrimination in our world, we must look deeper.

There isn’t a magic wand that can do this but the change begins when we find a light of peace and equality within ourselves. This light we carry within can illuminate the dark corners of our planet.

Pay special attention to how you treat people this day. Choose kindness, peace, and compassion. These 3 qualities will heal racism in America and discrimination in our world.





Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life


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