The Power of Meditation: You Can Change the World

Power of Meditation

I’ve had this insight tug at my spirit over the past few months. It was the same idea that first revealed itself many years back but now it is yelling louder than ever.

It caused me to stop and look out at our world. I noticed a variety of things taking place and ask myself if there is a solution out there.

I thought about indigenous rights and large companies polluting rivers, lakes, and oceans. I couldn’t help to think about the government and the large disconnect there seems to be between their policies and the average citizen. My mind explored the idea of extreme debt incurred by education, houses, cars and jobs that pay people just enough to keep them coming back.

With all of this flowing through my mind and heart, this insight brought with it a ray of light, a glimpse of hope.

I realized there is a solution. It won’t come in the way of passing a new law or a large protest.

The solution is you. The solution is me.

As we change at an individual level, we begin to transform our inner worlds.

As we do this over time, we show up in the world differently and affect the people we interact with differently. What this illustrates is we all have the power to change ourselves and how we show up each day.

The greatest way to move towards this transformation is to embrace the power of meditation.

What is Meditation?

One of the most common questions that I get asked when speaking about meditation is, how do I do it?

My reply is, it’s quite simple actually.

  • Recognize your breath
  • Remind yourself that you’re alive
  • Be aware of this present moment
  • Remember that you control how you use your time on this planet

To help those of us who are interested in learning more about the power of meditation, I’ve created this video for you:


Now What?

If all we needed to do was meditate in order to change the world, then we could all sit down, close our eyes, breathe, be aware and watch as the world around us changes. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The next step is to move throughout your life with more awareness, more presence, with more peace and more compassion. It does little to find inner peace only to move through your day stressed, overwhelmed, and angry.

Let meditation help you find a piece of peace that is within reach inside of you. Once discovered, be mindful and attentive of this peace you carry with you.

Creating a consistent meditation practice will help you see that there is a place within you that cannot be tainted by the external world. There is an internal refuge that cannot be shaken by outer occurrences. More importantly, there is an ever-present peace that you can bring forth from within and share with the world.

Doing this, we are the change. 

You were born great. Share that greatness with everyone.





Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life

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