Overcoming Negativity: How To Remain Positive

Overcoming Negativity

Have you realized that you can remain positive regardless of the external world?

You can tap into a place of positivity when you’re dealing with negative people, entering into toxic environments, or find yourself in a negative state within.

The art of overcoming negativity is something that you must be willing to do for yourself.

The video below will help you along the way.



How To Stay Positive

A few other things you can do to remain positive are:

  1. Don’t allow your mind to default to the negative.
  2. Stop periodically throughout your day and focus on what you have to be grateful for.
  3. Catch the negative thoughts and emotions that you are empowering within you.
  4. Focus more on what is going right than what is going wrong.
  5. Do your best to not live in a constant state of worry.
  6. Remain present.


Could you imagine what it would be like if we were all willing to take the steps towards overcoming negativity?

If we interacted with each other from a peaceful and positive state?

Or if we interacted with ourselves in a positive way?

Overcoming negativity is possible and it starts with you.







Jeffon Seely

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