Mental Ability: Keys to Creating A Positive World

Mental Ability

The news does little to dictate the outside world without the minds of the masses assisting in making the news a reality. Stories about specific races, borders, and entire economies flow into fruition only because the minds of the masses assist in the creation of these stories.

Everywhere we venture, everywhere we go, we are using our perspectives to create the world we see around us. One woman may see heaven while another may see hell.

For myself, as I look at the variety of experiences I’ve had and the overall quality of my life in this moment, I see that everything I’ve attracted in my life is in relation to the inner perspective I’ve used to assemble my current reality.

My mind dictates the level of my experience.

This is an empowering realization for us to embrace, understanding that a large part of the physical world we are a part of is created by our minds.

This brings about the question, how are you using your mind to create the reality you are experiencing?

If our inner perspectives are stuck in place and our minds continue to create the same things over and over again, ruled by the words and opinions of others, it is nearly impossible for the world to change.

For how we see ourselves within, so we see the world outside of us.

Elevating Our Mental States

If you were asked to document the 5 thoughts you give the most power to each day, what would those thoughts be?

A thought that is reinforced day in and day out acts like a seed that is sown into the earth and watered consistently. Eventually, with enough attention and water, this seed will grow. This is as true for produce such as tomatoes and watermelons, as it is for poison ivy or stinging nettle. It matters not what the seed is, it matters how much attention is given to the seed.

Like seeds, our thoughts are filled with the contents that can blossom into magnificent creations. Some thoughts can be filled with abundance, peace, and empowerment, while some are filled with poison, fear, and anxiety.

It doesn’t matter what the contents of these thoughts are, those that are watered and given attention each day will grow.

This simple truth reminds us that what we focus on with intention and power blossoms into existence in our lives. Hence the reason fear spread through the media, believed by millions, and watered each day through newscasts, ultimately unfold on the city streets.

Any thoughts we don’t enjoy, but which have blossomed in our lives, can be uprooted and new thoughts can be planted in their place. It all comes down to how we use our mental ability.

3 Keys To Raise Your Mental Ability 

#1 – All That You’ve Created Thus Far – Look around you. Can you see that all the things you have in your life came in correlation with the level of your mental receptivity? To put that in simple terms, you have assisted in bringing about all situations in your life, both the good and the bad. Don’t let any negative manifestation weigh you down but let this understanding empower you to recognize the power each thought contains.

#2 – Use Your Mental Ability Wisely – Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, flipping through the television channels and engaging in gossip are draining on your mental abilities. Imagine your mental strength like a gas tank that is refilled each morning you awake. You can use that gas tank to roam around the city with no direction or use your fuel to take you toward your dreams. Use your mental strength to take you in the direction of the things that matter most to you, your family, community, and the world. Your mental strength has power.

#3 – Track Your Thoughts – Keep a small notebook near your bed at night. Before you go to sleep, rate the level of your thoughts throughout your day. Identify where you’ve been using your mental strength. Is it on the things that align with your highest and best? Is it spent on the things you’d like to see blossom into your life? Doing this consistently will help you see where your thoughts go throughout the day.

One New Thought

One new thought can be the seed that transforms your life. One new thought can free you from pain and fear. One new thought is all that is required to shift your experience.

Think differently and create a new reality. Use your mental strength wisely and believe in your ability to assist in the creation of your life through the thoughts you think.







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