3 Keys to Making This Year Amazing

Making This Year Amazing

Big goals, a new me, increased motivation and inspiration typically fuel the first few weeks of a new year. People are eager to make this year the one where everything changes. The one where those goals are finally realized. The one where people overcome those setbacks and soar into their greatness.

You know, I’m not unlike the majority of people. It seems each new year I have a specific set of practices and goals I am excited to work towards. This will last for a few weeks, even months until I hit an invisible wall and settle.

In the past this meant not pushing as hard in my business endeavors, delaying projects I was working on, or even turning my eyes from my goals and crawling back towards comfort and mediocrity.

While this has been a common practice for me, the last 2 years I’ve done this less and less. In fact, it feels that the past 2 years have prepared me to make this year the best one yet.

I believe this is your year to excel. Excel in health, wealth, happiness, love and joy for this life you live.

To help make that a reality, I’d like to share 3 Keys to Making This Year Amazing.

Each day is a blank page. You are the artist that creates what each page will hold.

3 Keys to Making This Year Amazing

1 – Write Your Goals Daily (and Visualize Them) – We all have goals we’d like to accomplish for the year. They are fresh on our minds at the beginning of the year and then over time slowly fade from the forefront of our consciousness as reality sets in.

To keep these goals in the range of being attainable, keep them on your mind each day. The best way to do this is to write them out daily. Once written out, visualize what it feels like to accomplish them. The mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination.

“Let your imagination act as a map that takes you to your goals and dreams.”

2 – Small Disciplined Habits – Being that each day is a new opportunity to use however you choose, ensure you fill your day with small disciplined habits that lead towards your goals. Habits act as the bricks that construct your life. In order to create new things and accomplish the big goals you have for this year, you must remain focused on the small habits that can take you a long way.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” –Jim Rohn

3 – Self-Belief – If you don’t believe you can accomplish your dreams, the universe could hand you all the opportunities in the world and you’d blow them. I personally feel that self-belief is the most important trait we can adopt in the new year. Lack of self-belief keeps people stagnant, living an average life, and pushes them to give up on their dreams.

The greatest way I’ve found to believe in myself is to CHANGE THE THOUGHTS I THINK ABOUT ME. To rewire my mind to focus on the good, not the bad. To start each day in deep reflection on my life and remind myself that my life WILL NOT last forever. A small shift in self-belief can create a colossal transformation.

Making This Year Amazing

So this year, write your goals daily and keep them in the forefront of your mind.

Build habits and thought patterns that create a pathway to those goals. Work daily to make them become a reality.

Believe in yourself and know you have greatness within you.

Doing these things, this year will be amazing.







Jeffon Seely


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