Law of Attraction… Real or Fake? (This Will Clear the Confusion)

Law of Attraction… Real or Fake?

Those of you who know me may know that I have had the opportunity to speak at a variety of new thought and spiritual communities over the past 2 years.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, being exposed to incredible literature and provided with tools to make my life even greater.

I’m grateful.

One common phrase I often hear being thrown around is the concept of Law of Attraction.

I hear people from all walks of life saying, “Think positive and don’t dwell on the negative.”

Hell, I even say this to people.

It makes sense right?

If you think about the positive, you get more positive.

What I’ve been realizing is that’s not exactly how it works.

Thinking is the first step, but there are important steps that follow thinking that actually begin to attract the things we’d like to see in our lives.

How Law of Attraction Works

A simple way of saying this is,

“You are ALWAYS attracting something into your life.”

Each day you are using your energy to create something, whether good or bad, positive or negative.

Even when you’re sitting there doing nothing, you are creating something even if it’s just laziness and procrastination.

Embracing this powerful truth that we are reality creating machines (beings), I’ve identified 3 Keys we can consciously use to attract greater things in our lives.

If you’re the type of person who’s like, “I don’t need anything else, I’m content…”

You’re still using your time and energy every day to do something.

Might as well use your precious time and unbound energy to not only create more beauty in your life but the lives of others.

Here’s How:

Law of Attraction….

Imagine what the world would look like if we all began to consciously create peace, compassion, gratitude, and joy in our lives, our communities, cities, nations, and world.

I believe when we as humans recognize the power we have consisting in the ability to direct and control our minds and energy to whatever ends we desire, we will realize the change we’ve been waiting for exists within ourselves.

Let’s create opulence, abundance, peace, and compassion together, consciously.

It’s possible.






Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life


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