Bridges of Connection: The Keys To Great Relationships

The Keys To Great Relationships

We’ve all ventured over bridges in our lives. Many of us travel across bridges daily on our commutes to work, on the light rail, train or weekly walks.

Have you noticed that a bridge is suspended in the air because of the support from both sides?

Could you imagine what would happen if you were driving on a bridge over a large body of water and only one side of the bridge was firmly rooted in the earth while the other side offered little to no support?

The relationships we have throughout our lives are bridges that connect us with others. Both people in a relationship must support one another for a bridge to last.

If only one side of the bridge is working, it will eventually crumble and the relationship will dissolve.

This is why there are some who build beautiful bridges while others walk around blowing them up.

It is through the process of consciously building bridges of connection, compassion, love, kindness, and support first within ourselves, then extending them to others which have the power to transform the planet we live on.

Without healthy relationships, life gets ill.  

Peace, Kindness, and Compassion

What kind of bridges have you been creating in your life? Are you known as a bridge builder or a bridge destroyer?

What kind of bridge have you created within yourself?

It is our responsibility to transform ourselves first in order for us to positively impact our world.

That which we carry around within us dictates how the world reacts to us. If we are not responsible for our own inner transformation, then we are quick to point the finger at a white house, a politician or external event to validate our misfortune.

I invite you to examine the bridges you have constructed in your life.

Examine the bridges you have built with the people you spend the most time with.

Once examined, ask yourself if you are adding the proper support, then ask, what materials do I send across that bridge?

The materials can be things like inspiration, encouragement, commitment, compassion, peace, respect and unity. They can also be toxic like hate, anger, jealousy, fear, and disconnection.

Are the materials you send across your bridges positive?

3 Keys To Great Relationships

1 – Build Bridges of Peace – Build bridges that promote peace in your world and in the lives of others. These bridges of peace have the power to create connection and ripple out into small changes. They contain the power to create a large transformation.

2 – Keep Your Bridges Safe – In the same way the bridges we travel on with our cars must have regular maintenance, our internal bridges that connect us with the outer world must have regular maintenance as well. Anything that is neglected eventually crumbles away. Therefore, ensure you keep your bridges in tip-top shape. Yes, this includes the bridges that connect you to difficult people, situation, and events.

3 – No Dangerous Goods Allowed – The law does not permit explosives to be set off on the bridges we travel on. They don’t allow corrosive materials to be dumped on the steel beams that hold up the bridges that so many depend upon. So why would we carry toxic thoughts, negative ideas and defeating self-talk across the bridges we travel within ourselves.

You can choose what materials you will carry with you as you travel across the bridges you’ve created. Decide to no longer allow hazardous waste on your bridges within.

Mend A Broken Bridge

This week, make it a point to mend at least ONE broken bridge. This may require you to call someone, to forgive someone or even to forgive yourself.

All of these activities can strengthen the bridges that are falling apart in your life.

You are responsible for the quality of your bridges. Make them great.






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