The Greatest Investment of All Time: How To Invest In Yourself

The Greatest Investment of All Time

In college, I studied accounting and finance. My college professors continuously told me about the importance of investments. They stated that once you made an investment, whether in a business, in assets, stocks, bonds or mutual funds, to watch it like a hawk in order to maximize that investment.

Fast forward many years.

I look out into the world and back upon my life and see all the areas I’ve invested not only my capital but the greatest resource of all, my ENERGY.

It seems the common areas we invest our energy are on our jobs, in other people, and in a particular belief or outlook.

What’s funny is I’ve seen people invest more energy in their favorite sports team than they have in themselves.

People doubling their bets at the blackjack table while being scared to triple down on their dreams.

I’ve found that the greatest investment we can make is in ourselves.

The returns from this investment can continue throughout our lives. This investment in ourselves cannot be taken from us and always pays a dividend of some kind.

Investing In You

If the investment in ourselves can produce such a positive return, why do so few people do it?

I know some will say, we’ll I invested in myself. I went to college, got a degree, have a job. Isn’t that a large enough investment?

Similar to my college professors statements, if you are not watching your investment, able to see the gains and ways to maximize the investment, it can only last so long.

This is apparent when we think about the investment of our energy. Each day we invest our energy into a variety of things.

The question becomes, where have you been investing your energy and time?

Not just 2, 5, 15 or 25 years ago when you were in school but today? Are you doubling down on your dreams and the cultivation of your gifts at this moment?

As I pondered the reason why I and so many others haven’t bet on themselves, a few key reasons came to mind:

  • People spend too much time focused on their past failures and disappointments, letting these outweigh their successes
  • Doubt, fear, and worry can cripple us when moving towards our goals
  • The opinions of other people drown out our intuitive voice within
  • Toxic thoughts and destructive habits derail progress towards our goals

To remove these common occurrences from your mind, heart, and spirit, below you’ll find 3 Keys to help you make the investment in you.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Yourself

1 – Greatest Return On Investment – Stocks and bonds are at the mercy of the external world. Don’t believe me just look at how they fluctuate day-to-day. Investing in real estate can produce great profits but is also at the mercy of the economy. Bubbles grow and bubbles pop. For evidence of this, research what happened in 2008 throughout America.

The greatest investment we can make that produces endless dividends that we can cash into real world experiences is making the investment in ourselves. Specifically, our head (mind), heart (body), and spirit.

This can be done by reading, meditating, inner exploration, inspirational messages, intuitive hits, visioning, education, and mentorship.

2 – Sharing Your Gifts and Greatness – There are things in this world, during this time, that only you can do. Making the investment in yourself helps you see how you can begin to share your gifts and greatness within.

Have you realized there will never be another you in the history of the world?

Share what you have within. Share the things that add positivity and empowerment to the lives of others. Though our time on earth is finite, sharing the infinite within us is exhaustible.

If you don’t know what gifts and greatness you have within, these two practices can help: Meditation and Mindfulness.

3 – Something Bigger Than You – When you bet on yourself, it’s not just about investing in the ego. That is the part that often strives for external accomplishments.

Instead, this is investing in the Life that dwells within you. This is the part of you that enables you to wake up each day, beats your heart, breathes your breath and thinks your thoughts. Investing in this rich part of your being, you’ll find that you are effortlessly supported wherever you may be.

Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself from this day forward by being conscious and aware of where you are placing your energy.

Focus on the good, step outside your comfort zone, and take the steps necessary to make your goals become a reality.

Each day you can make this investment. Be wise.


Jeffon Seely

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