Three Key Life’s Tenants: How To Change The World

How To Change The World

The world can only change to the degree that we ourselves are willing to change.

We can go to church faithfully every Sunday, pray and meditate each morning and read holy books every night but if our actions don’t change, we continue to create the same situations.

It is fascinating to think about the main messages from the world’s biggest religions yet how few people put that message into practice.

Some that come to mind are:

  • Thou shalt not kill(unless that killing is justified I guess???)
  • Thou shalt not steal(unless it’s land or resources that you really want???)
  • Love thy neighbor(unless they threaten you or disagree with your beliefs???)
  • All people are equal(but some are still superior to others???)

What would the world look like if we were willing to live by these universal principles that we see weaved throughout spiritual traditions?

It is easy to profess a truth and go through the motions of acting as if one is holy, saved or a religious. It is an entirely different thing to shift your life based on these principles.

If you do, you can change the world.

Three Key Life Tenants To Live By

Over the last few weeks, I spent some time thinking about 6 core principles that I could begin to live by.

These will be the core principles of Three Key Life going forward. You may notice that they overlap with some popular spiritual traditions.

The goal is to make these as easily applicable as possible, regardless of what path you may follow.

Three Key Life Tenants

1 – Compassion I will have compassion for all beings and bring compassion with me into every environment I enter.

2 – Respecting OthersI am no greater nor less than any person, understanding this I respect all people.

3 – ImpactI impact the lives of others and earth each day, I choose to make a positive and empowering impact that transforms my life, the lives of others and the life of the planet for the better.

4 – Beliefs No one set of beliefs is greater than another, I choose to center my life in beliefs that are rooted in unity, respect, encouragement, and compassion.

5 – Thoughts, Words, Actions I understand that the greatest way for me to show my spiritual advancement and personal growth is by way of my thoughts, words, choices, and actions.

6 – Connection I am connected to everything in the endless web of life, what I do to another I do unto myself.

Going Forward

Let one or all of these ideas guide you. Try to put one of them into motion this week and see what happens.

One person can change the world. You are that person.





Jeffon Seely

Three Key Life

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