Gratitude Post 12: Year One of Three Key Life & You

Gratitude Post 12: Year One

On the 4th Wednesday of each month I like to take some time and compose a Gratitude Post.

These posts are focused on the areas of life that are going right, providing us with a moment to fill our hearts with one of the innumerable things which we have to be grateful for.

I wanted to save this post until today, Friday the 30th of January to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Three Key Life.

I’d like to dedicate this Gratitude Post to YOU.

Thank You for helping make these past 12 months so great.

The First Year

87 years ago in a small town in Utah, a young child was born. This child would grow up to be one of the most empowering and inspirational forces in my life.

This young girl was my Grandma, Verna Beth Seely. She not only helped raise me and my sisters, but taught me the importance of compassion, believing in myself and treating others with love and respect.

In January 2002, this amazing woman transitioned from this world. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I believe she’s still with me.

She is in the kind words I speak to others, the self love I have for myself and the compassionate relationships I have with my family and friends.

One year ago to this day I sat in my small 2 bedroom apartment just outside Atlanta, Georgia and wanted to honor my incredible Grandma Seely. Filled with anxiety, slight fear and nervousness, I pushed the post button on my new website Three Key Life.

This blog is a tribute to my Grandma, a tribute to the Life that fills us all, and a platform to share an expression of peace, inspiration and empowerment.

I wanted to take a moment to pause on this one year anniversary of Three Key Life to say,

Thank You.

What I didn’t expect was for this blog to introduce me to so many incredible people like You.

Reshaping My Experience of Life

These past 12 months you’ve challenged me to grow. Whether you realize this or not, you’ve been actively participating in the development of the person I am today.

You’ve helped me sharpen my gifts.

You’ve helped me find the confidence and courage needed to share my expression with others.

You’ve reminded me how important it is to set some time aside each day for meditation and prayer.

You taught me that with persistence and determination I can confront massive fear with faith.

Most importantly, you’ve inspired me to draw closer to the Essence of Life that enables me to awake and be. In addition to this, you have helped me better recognize this Essence within everyone and everything.

Thank you my friend. Thank you. Thank you.

What About Your Life

Enough about me.. What about you…

What are the things that helped shape the course of your life over the last 12 months?

If nothing comes to mind, let this be a sign, a little encouragement to identify the things that lead you towards the best you.

If the past 12 months have been filled with trials, tribulations and struggles, focus on the small glimmers of happiness, joy and compassion.

Focusing on the light of gratitude helps you find more things to be grateful for. Use these areas of gratitude to fuel the next 12 months of your experience.

There have been 3 Powerful Keys of Gratitude I’ve focused on this first year of TKL.

3 Keys of Gratitude From The 1st Year of TKL

#1 – You – I am grateful for you. It is you who helped me uncover the light inside of myself. Thank you for spending some time visiting, reading, listening, and just simply being you. Your light, Essence, energy and presence have empowered me beyond measure.

Thank you.

#2 – Power of Good – I am grateful for the abundant power of good. This past year I’ve realized that we can use our inner energy, our thoughts, choices, and actions in such a way that we are not only empowering ourselves but we are empowering the people around us and the planet we are upon. Good thoughts, good choices, good actions and good deeds help produce a great life.

Spread the goodness from the inside out.

#3 – One Truth – We are all empowered by Life. Each of us are a product of this Infinite Life that fills the cosmos and beyond. We are supported by this Essence of Life, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, fibers, organs, stars, galaxies, energy, all One. This ever-present Essence which we are is all we ever need. Each of us are eternally supported.

Whether you believe this or not, so shall it be.


Find the things in your life you have to be thankful for, even if it’s just a small glimmer of light in a sea of darkness. (Three Key Tweet)

Shine Your Light this Year.

Thank you so much for being apart of the TKL community.

I greatly appreciate you.







Jeffon Seely


Three Key Life

Gratitude Post Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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2 Responses to Gratitude Post 12: Year One of Three Key Life & You

  1. Jennifer Boyatt February 11, 2015 at 11:24 am #

    I have been watching you as well as reading and listening here and there. I love seeing people’s journey to become who they are. THANK YOU for sharing your gifts. I look forward to another year of following and many more.

  2. admin February 11, 2015 at 4:11 pm #

    Thank you so much Jennifer. I greatly appreciate you kind words.
    Peace and Respect..