5 Ways To Find Peace In The Storms of Life

Finding Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Life tests us. At any given moment we may be forced to walk through a storm.

These storms are brought about by a variety of things. Things like relationship issues, work, bills or financial distress, a sense of unfulfillment, health challenges, and the list goes on.

Most of these “storms” are brought about by external situations. Something outside of us gets the best of us.

It happened to me recently. In fact, storms pop up often in my life. The key is to do my best to not let the situation steal my inner peace. This recent storm has challenged me.

Surrounded by the Storm

Since I’ve moved from Atlanta, I’ve had to get creative to expand my business in my new location. Speaking and conducting workshops  have been my thing for the past 2 years. It has been exciting and provided me with opportunities to grow.

My recent move placed me in an area of North Dakota where I am completely removed from my client base. I’ve had to sift and sort through organizations to find a foothold to take me to a higher level.

I’ve done it in the past but these last few months have been really getting to me. My girlfriend, who is super supportive, is the champion in my corner as I’m moving forward into the “storm.”

This storm of uncertainty has made me want to retreat to safety, but my spirit is yelling at me to keep moving forward.

The storm of the unknown has made me explore the possibilities of getting a typical job, but my heart is weeping for me to not quit.

The storm of fear has made me question if I even have what it takes to build the business I want, but my mind is reaffirming me that if anyone can do it, I can.

Despite this storm, it’s been incredible to watch as Life provides opportunities at just the right time. In this storm, I’ve conducted my first 4-week meditation classes and received phenomenal feedback.

While walking through the storm, I’ve presented at one medical establishment and one conference around the idea of mindfulness.

Trekking through this storm, I’ve aligned with other organizations to bring my message and workshops into their businesses to support their employees and teams.

I’m learning that storms can break us or create us.

While storms will often swirl up in our lives, we don’t have to allow them to steal our passions and peace out from within.

This moment in my life hasn’t been my favorite but when I inquire within I see that it is necessary. Every step is essential in our journey of life.

Peace in the Eye of the Storm

There is a place of peace that can be found when venturing through the dark, chaotic storms of life.

There is a place of peace that you can tap into when moving through the most difficult of times. It is always available to us, but often we are looking to the external world to find this peace.

When traveling through the storms of your life, don’t look to the outside world, the peace that is available to you can only found within.

No matter how rough things get, don’t let the storms of life taint this place of peace inside of you.

Here are 5 ways to remain peaceful when going through the storms in your life.

5 Ways To Find Peace In The Storms of Life

1 – Conscious Breathing – Each breath you take connects you to the present moment. When you are fully connected to the present moment, you are not focused in the past or future but are here now. It is in this moment that you can choose how you will respond to the world around you instead of reacting.

Each breath can bring a wave of peace that flows through you.

2 – Catch Your Thoughts – Our thoughts can get the best of us. This is especially true when going through a storm in life, however, you need not allow your thoughts to steal your peace. Instead, you can catch the negative thoughts and replace them with something more positive. It may not be easy at first, but with some practice and conscious awareness, you’ll see that you are not at the mercy of your thoughts but empower each thought you think.

Each thought can reinforce the peace that is available within.

3 – Release the Weights – Often when going through a difficult experience, we allow external situations to weigh us down. It can get so heavy that we actually feel stuck. When this happens, we can choose to release. This type of letting go isn’t acting like it never happened, instead, it is no longer allowing it to dominate our mind and heart.

By releasing the emotional weights that weigh us down we free up space for more positive emotions to grow.

4 – Shift Your Focus – If you allow your happiness to be dictated by what happens in the external world, you will always be at the mercy of what is going on outside of you. When you shift your focus inward and realize that you can be happy  despite what may be taking place in the world, you grasp a freedom that cannot be taken.

Your happiness flows from the inside out.

5 – 5-Minute Rule – The 5-minute rule is this, you can be upset, pissed off, frustrated, or angry for 5 minutes then you have to shift your attention towards the positive solution. You can’t allow a difficult situation to become your reality, but you can sit with it for 5 minutes before moving to the bright side of things. Try this the next time you face a storm in your life.

Finding Peace

The source of your happiness, joy, appreciation and fulfillment is based on what takes place inside of you.

You are not at the mercy of the external world.

Your peace cannot be taken from you unless you allow it to be taken from you.

May peace be your companion throughout your voyage of life.







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