3 Keys To Overcome Limited Thinking

3 Keys To Overcome Limited Thinking

What causes us to shrink our dreams and desires down to the limited thinking of our minds?

Why do we often give our power to the outer world and instead of pushing towards our goals we chip them down into average?

These questions have been swirling around my mind lately. When I reflect on my life, I see there were times I pushed myself harder to reach my goals and times where I gave into the difficulties and folded.

There have been times where the very challenge of moving towards a goal motivated me to work harder and smarter. There have also been times where the challenges plagued my mind and caused me to retreat to safety.

As we are both probably well aware, our dreams can’t grow in our comfort zones.

Limited thinking can only take you so far.

In order to reach the goals we have for this year and beyond, we have to step outside of our comfort zones to reach greener pastures.

If we are constantly shrinking our dreams down to fit the small levels of our expectations, big dreams will never have the space to grow.

The best way to expand your expectations and the possibility of your dream becoming a reality is to shift your thinking.

Limitless Thinking

There is one thing that stands out in this day and age. That is, how attainable our dreams, goals, and aspirations are.

This is true for artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, actors, nonprofit organizations, builders, online marketers, product developers, teachers, authors, manufacturers, retailers and the list goes on.

Our only limit on the path to our dreams is the limit we place upon ourselves, primarily by way of our thoughts.

I like to tell myself if someone else did it, I can too.

To grow into our highest and create our best, we don’t need to be another person, have different parents or be “chosen.” What is required is a strong vision, discipline, work ethic, and patience.

The only way your dreams are guaranteed NOT to happen is if you give up on them.

Rise above limited thinking.

3 Activities to Overcome Limited Thinking

1 – Balance Sheet – Identify your true assets and liabilities on a single page. Your assets include your mind, energy, health, creative abilities, dreams, support around you, a house, computer, the internet, food, etc.. Be sure to include all your assets. Next, identify your liabilities. This may be some debt or outstanding loans.

Analyze the assets and liabilities carefully and ask yourself, which one has more power over me?

2 – Reverse Engineer Your Dreams – What direction do you want to take your life? It is said that nothing can help a boat without a destination. Be willing to write out your goals and keep those in the forefront of your mind.

Ask yourself, what must I do today to reach where I’d like to be tomorrow? What must I do this week to take me where I’d like to be at the end of this month? What must I do this month to take me where I’d like to be at the end of this year?

Once you answer these questions, begin doing the things you inwardly feel is necessary to accomplish your goals and dreams.

3 – “If You Do, If You Don’t” Analysis – Grab a paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side write “If I Don’t” on the other side write “If I Do.” Then make a list of what will happen and who will be affected if you don’t go for your dreams and what will happen if you do.

Figure out WHICH SIDE HOLDS THE GOLD then go for it.

Small Disciplined Steps

Each day is a stepping stone on your journey of life. You can move towards your dreams or you can remain stuck in place.

If you do a little more each day, using your time and energy to help create the life you’d like, what can stop you?

It may not happen overnight but remember, if someone else has accomplished what you’re seeking to create, it is possible. If nobody has accomplished what you’re seeking to create, then you’re the one.







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